Key learnings


Explicit core values will be required more and more to recruit and retain staff.


Millenials look for core values and interest in their jobs.


Learning should be considered a valuable strategic contribution to the business, its performance and culture.

Guiding questions

  • Is lifelong learning clearly embedded in your organisational values and explicitly communicated at all levels of the organisation?
  • Do you have clear sustainability and forward-looking policies and plans for lifelong learning in your workplace? How do these policies and plans hold up in a world of shared economies, gig economies and cross-company operations in regards to the social responsibility of an organization?
  • Does the organisation exhibit how it "walks the talk" in lifelong learning by providing employees with training tailored to their needs, online and offline and blended ("one size does not fit all")?
  • How does the organisation enable participative structures to build intrinsic motivation?
  • How does the organisation appraise its performance, engagement and lifelong learning in relation to its values?
  • How transparent is the organisation in its lifelong learning policies and implementation (e.g. fast track careers, rising stars, etc.)
  • How does the organisation avoid unconscious bias in providing employees lifelong learning opportunities?