Key learnings


Most learning takes place on the job according to the 70/20/10 model.


For a lot of people it is difficult to shift from a career-based (linear) path to a competence-based path.


Make a clear distinction between performance and learning by doing separate evaluations.


Acknowledge failure as a learning experience (fail fast, move on, try again)

Guiding questions

  • How do you "measure forward" rather than backwards?
  • How do you address form (hierarchy and organisation) and function (job title) ?
  • Are you taking into account transferable skills within your existing workforce?
  • How do you encourage workers to move out of their comfort zone to take on new challenges?
  • How can you make it easy for people to learn - bite sized learning, time off for learning etc?
  • How are you sharing people's learnings to inspire others and tell positive stories?
  • How do you promote, measure and reward core skill sets needed for the job, unique skill sets belonging to the individual and future skill sets to be acquired?