Mindsets and mobility

Mindsets and mobility

Key learnings


Create a more agile environment and more continuous feedback loops.


Systematically create career paths and succession plans.


Enable lateral and vertical mobility.

Guiding questions

  • How can you change the organisational culture to shift people from a career-based (linear) path to a competence-based path?
  • In your onboarding processes, do you make explicit that the mindset is a learning mindset and the behaviours that are consequently expected from this mindset?
  • How do you put into place mechanisms to show employees' existing gaps and hints for learning to ensure mobility across functions?
  • How can people "learn by doing" in your organisation? And how is this way of learning valued compared to formal learning?
  • What relative importance do you give to certification and learning that is not certified?
  • How are you capturing data and metrics on talent, learning and career paths?
  • How do you ensure that the least qualified workers are also integrated into learning new mindsets?