Key learnings


Different groups have very different needs.


Build on each person's skills: the core skills needed for the job, the person's unique skills s/he brings to the job and future skills required to progress.


Showcase early adopters and success stories.

Guiding questions

  • How do you reach those who are not yet digital? Are you involving them in the creation of learning opportunities and experiences?
  • How do you create a culture where you can learn, unlearn, make mistakes, correct and learn again?
  • How can you set goals and milestones to ensure that everyone in the company starts learning?
  • How can you build on knowhow?
  • How does leadership play a role in this - role modelling the right behaviours, clear communications etc.
  • How can you reach a critical mass for lifelong learning in your organization so everyone has to come on board?
  • Could it be that different parts of the organization work best with different approaches towards lifelong learning? For example, do you need to separate out "command and control" mechanisms for least qualified workers from incentives and peer emulation for more qualified workers? How do you accommodate both introverts and extraverts in your learning paths?