Key learnings


Stimulating self-leadership in learning is crucial and leveraging the intrinsic motivation of people will contribute to this.


Create communities of practice and peer to peer learning.


Matching younger employees and mentoring by experienced workers can lead to increased curiosity.

Guiding questions

  • Have you created vision and values that have been communicated to and shared with all workers that encourage a culture of curiosity?
  • How do you create that 'hook' to get people interested - do you need to mandate something?
  • Can you use gamification or some kind of competition to get interest?
  • How do you make learning human-centric rather than techno-centric?
  • What is the compelling story that you are telling your organisation to get them inspired and motivated?
  • How do you create a culture of trust which allows failure?
  • How are you helping to remove the fear from some people and shift mindset?
  • How do you build into your system a continual steep learning curve?